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Raundal movie is marathi movie which will be release on 3 march, 2023 and you can raundal movie download easily and you can watch in cinema or from ott platform. Raundal movie cast Bhau Shinde, Neha Sonwane, Yashraj Dimbale, Surekha Dimbale, Shivraj Walvekar, Sanjay Lakade, Ganesh Deshmukh, Sagar Lokhande.

Raundal movie download filmyzilla

Raundal movie download filmyzilla : Actor Bhausaheb Shinde made a home in the hearts of the audience by defying the established order and rebelling against injustice in the films ‘Khwada’ and ‘Baban’. The same Bhausaheb is now coming up with the movie ‘Raundal’ to express the grief of Baliraja. The trailer of Raundal Story, which confronts the established and politicians here, has been released. 

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This trailer is being appreciated everywhere. Bhau’s powerful performance has also earned him a pat on the back from the people of the film industry. Actor Kiran Mane has wished Bhau in a rowdy estimate. Kiran Mane has written a Facebook post praising the movie ‘Raundal’. From which he praised director Gajanan Padol and actor Bhausaheb Shinde. After watching the trailer, I thought, “Ayala! Why didn’t I think of this?? And the director won when he was interested,” said Kiran Mane in the end.

raundal marathi movie download

Most of the time something strange is happening brothers… in our soil… happening in our environment… the trailer looked very dangerous… I am curious about the picture now! You old friends, so raundal movie marathi have a soft spot for the boys from rural soil trying to enter the entertainment field. There is an addition to it. Gajanan Nana Padol! Apart from my ‘guess’ that this director’s roots are in the soil, I don’t know anything about this boy until writing this post. Its history, present… kaybi nay. Pan Ek says… If this picture turns out to be as strong as the trailer, Hyo Porga can definitely change the ‘future’ of main stream Marathi cinema!

Actor Bhausaheb Shinde, who starred in the National Award winning film ‘Khwada’, is back in the limelight with the upcoming Marathi-Hindi film ‘Raundal’ After the popular movie ‘Baban’, the audience will once again get to see a new avatar of Bhausaheb in ‘Raundal’. 

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In the trailer of raundal marathi full movie download, the hero introduces Hi, a modern farmer. Sugarcane cultivation is not new to Western Maharashtra. I grew up in the same environment. The life-threatening struggle that the farmer has to do for the cultivation of sugarcane until it reaches the factory… including the terrible bitter politics behind this sweet sugarcane… not picking up the opponent’s sugarcane due to political hatred. I looked closely. I never dreamed that any picture would be released on this matter. After watching the trailer, I thought “Ayala! Why didn’t I think of this??” And the director won for the first time!

Raundal movie download pagalworld the joy of seeing something of our consciousness, of our life on the screen… I got it after watching the trailer! let’s see Just keeping the excitement under control for now. But when the pitch comes, I will immediately grab it and watch it… Gaja, brother… Jaal kacha jaal… Bhadka Udla Paije… Lai Lai Lai Good luck for ‘Raundal’


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