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Director Abhishek Sharma’s Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Ram Setu’ may be among the audience in theaters on the occasion of Diwali, but it has always been a topic of discussion among religious believers, archaeologists and historians. Ram Setu is also known as Adam’s Bridge. It is a long range of 48 kilometers between Rameswaram on the south-east coast of India and Mannar Island off the north-west coast of Sri Lanka.

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The story of the film is based on real life events. Archaeologist Dr. Aryan Kulshrestha is an atheist, he believes in facts because of his profession. While his wife Gayatri is Dharma Bhiru and is a professor of history. He also has a son. Under an archaeological mission, Aryan also locates the historical heritage along with the remains of the idol of Lord Buddha in Afghanistan. After returning to India, he is put on the work of research of Setu Samudram project, where he has to prove on the basis of archaeological facts that Ram Setu is a natural structure and it originated from nature more than 7000 years before Lord Ram’s birth so you should watch ramsetu download.

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Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Ram Setu’ has been embroiled in controversies even before its release. This film will now face legal issues. Let us tell you that the news of filing a case against the film’s actor Akshay Kumar is coming to the fore. BJP leader and MP Subramanian Swamy will file a case demanding compensation. He claims that the issue of ‘Ram Setu’ has been misrepresented in the film. Subramaniam Swamy himself has given the information about the lawsuit. Let us tell you that the poster of the film Ram Setu went viral in the month of April itself. Akshay Kumar shared the poster of the film on his Instagram. Jacqueline and Satyadev are seen with Akshay Kumar in the poster. In the poster of the film, you can see that these three actors are seen at a historical place. All three are seen inside a cave, on the wall of which a strange mark is made.

Ramsetu download full movie has once again come into the limelight. There are different claims, different stories about this bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka. There has been a lot of controversy and politics on Ramsetu in India. Once again Ram Sethu has become the battleground of political parties. Today we will tell all the controversies related to it, but before that know the claims related to Ramsetu.

According to the mythological texts of Hinduism, this bridge was built by Lord Rama. It is said that when King Ravana of Lanka abducted mother Sita (wife of Lord Rama), Lord Rama built this bridge with the help of the monkey army. The entire monkey army had reached Lanka through this bridge and after killing the demons had freed the mother. The British call it Adam’s Bridge, so according to Muslims it was built by Adam. Scientists do not believe in these stories, they consider it a natural phenomenon. 

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If the story of the film ‘Ram Setu’ is to be told in simple language, then it is on whether Lord Shri Ram built the Ram Setu built between Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka or is it some charisma of nature. The film stars Akshay Kumar as Aryan Kulshrestha, while Nushrat Bharucha plays Aryan’s wife Gayatri. Whereas Jacqueline Fernandes is in the role of Environmental Scientist. The film begins in Afghanistan, where Akshay finds the remains of Lord Buddha’s statue as well as some historical gems to show the first Aryan’s character as knowledgeable and well-rounded.

In the opening scene, Akshay Kumar also shows some sarcastic comments about Pakistan and India’s swag. The story progresses and basically comes down to the fact that there are two sides to the Ek Sethu Samudram project. Some people want to break it in the name of progress, while some have religious sentiments attached to it. Akshay is shown to be an atheist in the film, although he does not tamper with the facts so ramsetu download movie.

In such a situation, he submits his report to the court, where he also makes objectionable remarks about Ramayana. Because of which they are suspended and at the same time there are incidents like blackening on their face, harassing the child. After this, Akshay is asked by Indrakant (Nassar) of Pushpak Shipping to find out the truth whether Ram Setu is man made, or nature has created it.

Now whether Ram Setu was built by Lord Shriram or it is a gift of nature, the story progresses on this. Akshay is joined by AP (Satya Dev) in his journey and to know what happens in the film, you will have to watch the film.

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What makes the film special is its background music. The BG of the film is good and helps to keep the audience hooked to the scenes. At the same time, after the background music, the story of the film is also good, which keeps you hooked till the end. Some of the film’s locations are also very good, which give a visual treat. The film is shown in association with religious faith, which keeps you connected to it as an audience. The cinematography of the film is also good.

While the ramsetu download 720p is special at some points, it also fails at many places. Although there are few VFX in the film, but whatever they are there, they do not match. Apart from the VFX of the film, the editing of the film is also not special. If the film was given time on the editing table, the film could have been even better. On the one hand, while the film has been well written on paper, it proves to be technically tight.

Akshay Kumar’s look in the film is matching with his character. At the same time, his work in the film is also good and after giving some back to black flops in the past, this film is very important for him. Nusrat’s character is very less in the film and she seems to do justice to her. Jacqueline has a tight hand in Hindi and in such a situation most of her dialogues are also in English. The actor whose work is the best in this entire film is Sathyaraj. Sathyaraj is in the character of AP and has given a stellar performance. Satya Dev has given excellent comedy and support. At the same time, Jacqueline’s little love for him also shows cuteness. The direction of the film could have been better.

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