Influenza B Virus

Influenza B Virus: Actress Debina Banerjee became a victim of influenza-B virus, know its symptoms

Influenza B Virus Influenza is commonly known as flu. It is a contagious viral infection that attacks your respiratory system. Let us find out what is the difference between influenza-A and influenza-B.

Influenza B Virus: TV actress Debina Banerjee has recently returned from Sri Lanka. She has come under the grip of influenza-B virus as soon as she came back. She is taking all precautions and is moving towards recovery. But do you know what is influenza-B virus? There are three types of influenza viruses that infect humans, A, B and C.

Type-A influenza is highly contagious, causing disease to spread rapidly and causing pandemics. It has many strains, one of which is influenza-B. If you have had the influenza vaccine, it will not protect you from the new strain. Wild birds are natural hosts of Type-A virus, capable of causing epidemics.

Type-B infection naturally infects only humans. It spreads more than type-A and is less commonly seen during flu season. Influenza-B strains mutate more slowly than influenza-A strains. Therefore, the probability of a pandemic spread due to influenza-B virus is very low.Influenza B virus: how are its symptoms?

Severe symptoms due to flu can bother you, but it can also be like common cold at times. Cough, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, sore throat, headache, fever, tiredness, shivering, and body aches are the main symptoms. This disease can spread from one person to another. This virus can infect your respiratory system. If your symptoms do not improve within a week, you must see a doctor.

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