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Full Form of WAN & LAN With Complete Information

Full form wan : If you like to keep information about internet very much, or you are preparing for many exams, then today’s topic is very group for you. Because today from this article you will know WAN Full Form , LAN Full Form , MAN Full Form . Apart from this, you will get complete information about WAN, LAN, MAN from this article. For complete information about this, read this article carefully till the end. So let’s get started.

What is the full form of WAN?

The full form of WAN is Wide area Network

What does WAN mean?

WAN full form Wide Area Network. It means network spread far and wide. 

For complete information about this Wide Area Network, you must first know about the network. Let us tell you about the network here.

When two or more computers are connected and communicate with each other, then that connection is called a network. A network can be made by connecting two or three computers or it can also be made by connecting thousands of millions of computers. Many computers in the network are connected with the help of Wire or also with the help of Wireless Wifi , Modem.

According to how many computers are connected in networking and how much area that network is spread, according to that it is divided into different proxy networks and those networks are also given different names. Like WAN, LAN, MAN, PAN, SAN, CAN, GAN etc.

Of these, WAN means Wide Area Network is spread far and wide. Means this network is spread all over the world, millions of computers are connected with each other in this network. WAN network can also be called internet because because of this WAN network we can run internet.

Optical fiber wire is used to connect computers in this WAN network and wireless technology is used in cellphone towers. 

LAN Full Form

LAN Full Form is Local Area Network

What is the meaning of LAN?

Full form of LAN is Local Area Network. It means local area network. A LAN network is your local area network. That means the network that is created by connecting 100 or 1000 computers around you inside your local area is a local area network. 

This network is formed in a small area. If you go outside this small area, you will not be able to connect to this network. 

LAN network is used more in places like School, College, Coffee Shop. Apart from this, this network is used in many offices.

What is the full form of MAN?

MAN full form – Metropolitan Area Network

What does MAN stand for?

Metropolitan Area Network is called MAN for short. The Sari network that is formed in the city area is called MAN.

MAN network is bigger than Local Area Network and smaller than Wide Area Network. This network is made more in the city.

MAN network is made by connecting many local Local Area Network (LAN). 

MAN network is used to connect LAN of school, college and office.

What is the full form of PAN?

PAN Full Form is Personal Area Network

What is the meaning of PAN?

PAN means Personal Area Network means network made in personal area. Means the network that is built inside your house is called PAN.

If you have more than one computer or printer or mobile or any other device in your house, then the network formed in your house by connecting all those computers and devices is called Personal Area Network. PAN network is created using Router or Wifi or bluetooth.

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