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Full Form of Computer and What is Computer?

Today, wherever you look, you will see, like school, college, Hostpital, Police station, Raiway station etc. computers are available everywhere and many works are done through computers only.

Computer is such an electronic machine that processes the given input and gives us valid output in a very short time. It not only makes our work easy but also saves time.

You must have understood how important computer is, so we all must have basic knowledge of computer. There are many such people who know how to operate a computer, but they do not know its full form ( computer full form ), definition of computer, etc. at all. So let us know about all these in detail in this article-

Full Form of Computer

Computer is an electronic device whose full form is ” Common Operating Machine Purposefully used for Technological and Educational research “.

Apart from this, its full form is also “Commonly Operating Machine Particularly Used for Technical and Education Research”.

C – Commonly
O – Operating
M – Machine
P – Particularly
U – Used
T – Technical
E – Educational
R – research

Its full form in Hindi will be like this-

C (C)  – Generally
O (O)  – Operated
M (M)  – Machine
P (P)  – Specifically
U (U)  – Used
T (T)  – Technical
E (E)  – Academic
R (R)  – Research

On different websites on the Internet, you are also told the full form of computer differently. This is because there is no official and certified full form of computer.

Does computer really have an official full form?

I told you the full form of computer above, but there is a question which is very important, does computer really have a full form or is it just a myth?

If I tell you clearly, there is no official certified full form of computer. Actually computer is not only a short form, it is the name of an electronic device which itself is in full form.

For example, suppose your name is Rohit, if someone asks you what is the full form of Rohit, then what will be your answer? It is obvious that you will not have any answer because Rohit is already in full form, that is, it is not a short form.

But, you must have known MS Dhoni, the veteran player of the Indian cricket team? If someone asks you the full form of MS Dhoni, you will immediately answer “Mahendra Singh Dhoni”.

This is because MS Dhoni is a short form. Actually, his full name is Mahendra Singh Dhoni from the beginning.

Exactly the same thing happens in the case of computers. Computer is already in its full form, so how can it have a full form?

Then the question comes that if it does not have any full form, then how can I tell you the full form above or on other internet sources?

This question is also valid. Actually, by the people, by the internet user, it has been made a full form which has been in existence for a short time.

Charles Babbage is called the father of computer because he made the first computer. The word computer is derived from the Latin word “Computare” which means to calculate or calculate.

Initially, when computers were made, only calculations could be done from them, hence it was also named computer. But as technology progressed, new things were invented and today the computer is not just a calculating machine, but thousands of tasks are possible with it.

What is the definition of computer? (What is Computer)

Computer is an electronic device which processes our essential tasks according to the given predetermined instructions and then gives us the output.

The computer is capable of storing many types of data, making necessary changes to it, and again providing the data on demand.

Today, many of our important tasks are done with the help of computers, such as typing a document, playing games, sending emails, browsing the web, watching videos, etc.

You will be surprised to know that our mobile has also become a mini computer and that is why today mobile is able to do many of our important tasks simultaneously.

Whether it is a factory, college, school, government department, bank, electricity department or our car, computers are being used everywhere and that’s why everything is becoming smart now. It is because of the computer itself that today you are able to read about “Computer ka full form” on your computer online sitting at home.

And along with this the demand for various level of computer related courses like Computer Science Engineering, IT, BCA, COPA etc. is increasing. If the utility of computer is written in words, then you will get tired of reading but the words will not end.

Important parts of computer

A computer is made up of many essential parts which we can divide into two categories: the first is hardware and the second is software.

Hardware :

All the physical parts of the computer are called computer hardware. These are the parts that we can see and touch with our eyes, such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, hard drive, etc. There are also many computer hardware components, by combining which a computer is made.

Software :

Talking about the software parts of the computer, it is that part of the computer which cannot be touched, it makes them functional or gets the work done in conjunction with the computer hardware. Without software no computer can work.

The most important software of the computer is the operating system, the operating system itself does the necessary work with the help of hardware in different ways.

Apart from this, we can install any software like Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint, Photoshop etc. in our computer as per our requirement, and do the required work.other full forms related to computer | Computer Related Full-Forms

Friends, till now we have come to know about the full form of computer, definition, Full form of computer and name, parts of computer etc. ) is famous and no one knows its full form.

So let us know the full form of some other words related to computer-

  • KB- Kilobytes
  • MB- MegaByte
  • GB- GigaByte
  • TB- TeraByte
  • CPU– Central Processing Unit
  • ROM- Read-only Memory
  • RAM– Random Access Memory
  • Prom- Programmable Read-Only Memory
  • FDD- Floppy Disk Drive
  • HDD- Hard Disk Drive
  • CD- Compact Disk
  • DVD- Digital Video Disk
  • BIOS- Basic Input Output System
  • SSD- Solid State Drive
  • LED- Light Emitting Diode
  • OS- Operating System
  • VIRUS – Vital Information Resources Under Seige
  • ALU- Arithmetic Logic Unit
  • BCA- Bachelor of Computer Application
  • MCA- Master of Computer Application
  • DCA- Diploma in Computer Application
  • ADCA– Advance Diploma in Computer Application
  • IT– Information Technology
  • 2G- 2nd Generation
  • 3G- 3rd Generation
  • 4G- 4th Generation
  • 5G- 5th Generation
  • WIFI- Wireless Fidelity
  • WAN- Wide Area Network
  • WLAN- Wireless Local Area Network
  • HTML- HyperText Markup language
  • IP- Internet Protocol
  • DNS- Domain Name System
  • URL- Uniform Resource Locator

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