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Ariyavan Tamil Movie Download Free which is will release on 3 march, 2023 and you can download ariyavan movie in hindi with english subtitle , which was made with the aim of creating awareness about sexual violence not only for women but for all people, did its duty properly or did it fail? Let’s buy it

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Ariyavan movie story is The gang led by Daniel Balaji (Thuripandi) has been deceiving women into love traps and sexually assaulting them. Not only do they brutalize, but they also record the video and threaten the innocent women saying, “If we don’t surrender to the men pointing hands, we will post this on social media.” This is how the movie Ariyavan begins. 

A young man named Jeeva (Ishaun) emerges as a talented and daring kabaddi competitor in the opening scenes. He melts and becomes the woman he loves, Mitra (Pranali). Mitra’s friend Jessie is one of the women caught up in Daniel Balaji’s menacing gang. The hero Jiva and the heroine Mitra, who are going to save him, become the villain of the villain gang. In that fight, Daniel cuts off Balaji’s younger brother Pappu’s hands, Jeeva, the hero of the story. Thus, he decides to take revenge on the one who cut off his brother’s hand. What happened after that? Did the hero escape the villain’s revenge? What is the fate of the women caught in the gang? The rest of the story is the answer to such questions. Now you know the short story of the movie now you can watch this movie in cinema or ariyavan tamil movie download isaimini.

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Ariyavan tamil movie cast, which doesn’t talk much about crimes against women until halfway through the film, alternates between a revenge thriller and an awareness film after a break in the script. Amidst many films coming out with the idea that “women are responsible for crimes against women”, it is rare to see films like Ariyavan who say, “If someone is threatening you with a video, it is your fault and not his”. However, I feel that the film would have been noticed by many if the point had been made more clearly. You will get option of ariyavan tamil movie download kuttymovies.

Daniel Balaji, who comes as the brutal villain, has done his role perfectly. He proves that he is an excellent actor especially in the dialogues where he keeps a tight face and speaks villainous dialogues. Apart from her, the only other actress who plays the role of the hero’s mother is Rama. Since the film revolves entirely around new faces, there is no sense of watching the film anywhere. Fans watch the film with the idea of ​​watching a mega serial on a big screen. Actor Sathyan, who comes as the hero’s friend, has been used only for comedy. The dialogues like, “What kind of life is this..what is this..” are annoying. 

Ishon, who has debuted as a hero in his first film, has to undergo a lot of training in acting. Our hero doesn’t even try to use body language in the serious fight scenes or in the romantic scenes where he sings a duet with the heroine. Especially, in the fight scenes, fighting without bending the body and only moving the arms and legs is laughable. Now after released this movie people search on google related to this movie like ariyavan movie download free.

Ariyavan tamil movie download

James Vasanthan, who has given ‘Nach’ Sena songs in films like Subramaniapuram, Eason, Basanga, has failed to give it in Ariyavan. All the romantic songs are interludes in the film. Only the fight scenes have the background music winning. Otherwise, James plants the question in our minds that maybe a little more Menaket could have composed the music for other scenes. 

Ariyavan movie download free with dual audio and With more and more films being made about atrocities against women in recent times, Ariyavan also crosses the line from ten to eleven. If the dialogues used in the film and the understanding of how to approach the atrocities against them legally, the film would have been talked about more. The idea that if women give up fear they will destroy him even if he is a monster is commendable. However, that “Aikiri Nandini” song in the climax is a bit over the top. 


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