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Adade Sundara tamil dubbed movie download

The whole soul of the movie ‘Adade Sundara movie download tamilrockers’ is a single line spoken by a woman in the film, ‘Karpam tarika mudilanna memhu mitillana’.

Sundar, born in a Hindu family, and Leela, born in a Christian family, fall in love. If both of them go directly to their families and say that they are in love, they will definitely not get approval. So, the two together plan to tell a lie each to the Duttam family. ‘Adade Sundara’ has been made into a long film based on the two lies they tell, the consequences and the incidents that occur due to it.

Nani, who is playing the role of Sundar, has equally scored in sentimental scenes and comedy scenes like crushing when he is caught telling a lie, struggling to cope with his family, cheating on his superior, melting for his girlfriend. Comedy scenes are good for him. Energy and expressions add strength to his performance.

Next, she appears on screen as Leela to the fans who have been searching for Nazriya since the beginning of the film. Her strong cute expressions are missing in this film. Otherwise, Nazriya has given a great performance, being jovial in the first half and carrying tension throughout the second half, exciting and emotional. This film is a good comeback for him.

The supporting actors in a film are crucial, particularly when it comes to portraying negative characters. In this regard, all the actors in the Adade Sundara movie download 720p have acted with realism, including Naresh, Rohini, Alagam Perumal, Nadia, Harsh Vardhan, Anupama, Kutty Nani, Kutty Nasriya, Prithviraj, and Rahul, all of whom are seasoned actors.

Adade Sundara tamil movie download

Anupama Parameswaran comes and goes in between. Apart from this, Naresh, Rohini, Alagamperumal and Nadia have proved once again that they are veteran actors. Telugu actor Harsha Vardhan, who plays Nani’s boss, entertains with comedy.

The Adade Sundara movie download goes beyond the above commercial plot and focuses on an important issue. A woman’s pregnancy is a choice. It’s not mandatory’, and in another scene a woman asked, ‘If I get pregnant, I’m not worth it?’ These two verses are important. In turn, if the film had been taken deeper, the film would have been talked about in a different dimension. It is a disappointment to talk superficially about the issue that needs to be discussed because it is caught up in romantic scenes, comedy and commercialism.

The Adade Sundara movie download talks about how people forget their religions when they have to hide their weaknesses, men’s flaws are covered up and women’s flaws are made public.

The film fails to tell a compelling story for commercial reasons. Similarly, although my use of linear style adds strength to the film, the back and forth of the scenes creates difficulty in understanding the audience.

Director Vivek Athreya has yet again delivered a hit film with this one, much like his earlier works ‘Mental Madhilo’ and ‘Brochevarevarura.’ He has incorporated a small twist related to his previous films and has skillfully added several minor twists throughout the film’s screenplay, keeping the audience on their toes. The real story only begins after the story told in circles breaks, making it a unique feature of the film.

The scene where the younger characters converse with the senior ones is a brilliant idea. However, despite the extreme flashbacks in the film, Rohini’s climactic dialogue fails to deliver the desired impact. Similarly, Harshvardhan’s dialogue, “No, if you eat all this, I will feel it,” followed by his response, “Okay, feel it,” is a parody that sheds light on the politics of food in India. The director has surprised the audience with his clever use of dialogues throughout the Adade Sundara movie download.

adade sundara full movie in tamil

Comedy sequences lend a helping hand to the Adade Sundara movie download. In particular, some interesting comedy scenes like Nani telling her story to her manager, talking to her father after the accident, and her struggles to deal with lies are enjoyable. However, the length of the film can’t be avoided to a great degree.

Director Vivek Athreya tests the patience of the audience who tried to go out in the first half thinking that it was an intermission, saying ‘there is still time’. MS Bhaskar’s dubbing stands out in the film. In fact, it seems that Nani’s father could be played by him.

Niketh Bommi’s cinematography gets attention. Vivek Sagar’s Pinnani music is okay in a few scenes, but overall lacks focus. Ravi Teja Krijala, who has edited the film, would have been an additional reason for the film’s success if he had cut the film without mercy, disobeying the director’s words.

Overall ‘Adade Sundara’ is a long entertaining movie with a compelling storyline. Nani comes from a backward Achara family that believes in the idea that crossing the ocean can rid one of evil, while Nasriya’s family is deeply religious, even in the hospital. If Nani and Nasriya, who come from families that are seventh in compatibility in terms of religion, were to fall in love, it could create a complicated situation.

In light of this, Nani contemplates telling lies to make the relationship work. Couples often end up telling many lies, some of which eventually become true, and navigating the resulting problems and solutions can be a beautiful experience, known as ‘Adade Sundara movie download’.

adade sundara hit or flop

The trailer for ‘Adade Sundara movie download’ was released in Chennai on Friday night, and during the trailer launch, actor Nani spoke to reporters, describing the film as a fun-filled comedy that the whole family can enjoy. However, due to delays in post-production work, the director was unable to attend the press meet. In attendance were actress Nazriya Nazim, Rohini, and actor Azhagamperumal. Speaking to, Azhagamperumal mentioned that he put in a lot of effort to learn his Telugu dialogues, which were over one and a half pages long, with the help of his co-actors and crew members.

Nani plays the role of Sundaram, a Brahmin boy who is the only son in the family and receives an abundance of love and attention from his family. However, this extreme care and attention lead to several challenges for Sundar, as he must avoid many things and follow every piece of advice from his astrologer.

Sundar finds his soulmate in Leela Thomas, a Christian girl. Both families have strong beliefs in caste and religion, but this doesn’t summarize the main conflict of the movie. Vivek Athreya’s mark is evident throughout the film’s writing and pictures, with music composed by Vivek Sagar and camera work by Niketh Bommi. The production values of Mythri Movie Makers are also excellent.

The chemistry between Nani and Nazriya Nazim is impressive, with Nazriya looking stunning as a Christian girl. Nani and Naresh’s combination provides ample comedy in the film. ‘Adade Sundara movie download netflix,’ the Tamil version of ‘Ante Sundaraniki,’ and ‘Aha Sundara’ in Malayalam are set to release on June 10. The PR of Adade Sundara is handled by Yuvaraj.

adade sundara watch online on netflix

Adade Sundara is an upcoming Tamil comedy-drama Adade Sundara movie download that has been produced by Ravi Shankar and Naveen Yerneni and directed by Vivek Athreya. The movie is being produced under the banner of Mythiri Movie Makers and stars Nani and Nazriya Nazim in the lead roles. Along with them, Rohini, Nadiya, N. Alagan Perumal, Harshavardhan, and Rahul Ramakrishna are also part of the cast. Below are some details about the movie including the cast, crew, release date, posters, trailer, and other important information.

Nazriya made her debut in Tamil cinema with the movie ‘Neram’. Later, she got married to Faqat Fazil, who has also acted in some films. After her marriage, Nazriya made a comeback in 2018 with the Malayalam movie ‘Koode’ starring Prithviraj.

Following this, she played the lead role in the Telugu film ‘Ante Sundaraniki’ alongside Nani. The film was released in theaters in both Tamil and Telugu languages on the 10th of last month and has received positive reviews. In Tamil, the film is titled ‘Adade Sundara movie download’.

Towards the end of the Telugu film Ante Sundaraniki, there is a scene where Sundar Prasad (Nani) receives a scolding from his boss Chandra Mohan (Harshavardhan) for not revealing the good part of the story first. Mohan argues that it would have been more peaceful to hear the story without stressing about the ups and downs. This character’s thoughts occasionally reflect the audience’s thoughts. Can Sundar Prasad, from an orthodox Hindu Brahmin family, and Leela Thomas (Nazriya Nazim), a Christian, convince their families and get married? That is just one part of the story. In his third film, writer-director Vivek Athreya delivers a remarkable social commentary, though it is cloaked in humor. Sundar and Leela’s story is complex and intertwined with what happens in their respective families. The sum of their experiences since childhood shapes how they go about life, a universal truth.

The worlds of Sundar and Leela purportedly fit into stereotypes – avakaya and wine and cheese, respectively. They become conduits for Vivek Athreya to expose the prejudice and hypocrisy that masks the innate goodness in people, and he does so with class and wit.

Sundar’s world is one of restriction, with every decision made with the advice of an astrologer. As a boy, he is given a ladybird bicycle for safety. His father (V.K. Naresh) forbids an adolescent Sundar from going to the US, despite missing out on the chance to act in a Chiranjeevi film. The mother’s (Rohini) emotional manipulation helps convince the grandmother (Aruna Bhikshu), a veena artist, to allow it. Watch out for Vivek Sagar’s effective music here, and through the film, where he blends classical and contemporary beats. What happens in this portion establishes how Sundar grows up with emotional baggage, unable to find the courage to create his path in Adade Sundara movie download.


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